A Complete Guide For Creating Contact Form In Laravel 5.8

In this tutorial i’m going to learn how to create working contact form in laravel in easy steps, please follow all steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Install Laravel 5.8

composer create-project — prefer-dist laravel/laravel contact “5.8.*”

2nd go to .env folder and put database name as :- contact

First to create migrate and model and controller please run below command

Next go to your migration and put below code

Now migrate the table

Next go to contact model Contact.php and paste this code 👇

Next create controller

Go to ContactController and paste below code in ContactController.php

Paste this code

Next go to your route/web.php and paste below code

Let’s create view page Resources/views/contact.blade.php

Now open your terminal and paste this code

Now click on Send now and your data has been successfully submit on Database.

Conclusion- With the help of this blog you can successfully create a Contact Us page for your laravel website that will save user’s information along with sending the information to admin.

Thanks 🙏🙏

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